How to keep your Frontier miles alive for 15 years w/o flying a mile: Thanks Again

Preface: This post has two very disappointing updates at the bottom that show how this program is now almost totally useless.

Frontier Airlines requires you to earn miles on your Frontier loyalty account every six months or your miles can expire (I say can because my GF recently went 8 months between Frontier flights without her miles expiring).

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Uber just took away its awesome spending portal for free rides, promising its return

Uber introduced a program a few months ago called Local Offers, which allowed you to earn Uber ride credits by using your linked Visa credit card at participating local businesses.

Each business offered a certain amount of points per dollar spent, and for every 100 points you would get a $10 Uber ride credit.

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Car rental booking site AutoSlash warns renters against Payless

This week I reserved a car for an upcoming trip through AutoSlash, my favorite site for finding cheap car rentals.

AutoSlash is great because it finds you the cheapest rental options, then keeps looking for a cheaper price up until your reservation date.

Since Payless was the substantially cheaper option from AutoSlash this time, I chose to reserve with them.

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Uber is finally doing something to shorten wait times at airports

When there are more drivers than ride requests at the airport, Uber makes drivers park in a cell phone waiting lot where they enter a digital queue in order to receive requests.


Problem is, at SFO the waiting lot is about a 10-minute drive away, so passengers usually have to wait at least that long after requesting a ride home. Continue reading