Forget cars, Uber wants to lead in on-demand air travel

Uber’s 3-day “Elevate” conference in Dallas started today, and they have a bunch of bigwig transportation executives and engineers gathered to discuss: Urban air transportation.

You can live stream the conference here, and here is a 97-page PDF from Uber that attempts to explain the plan for VTOL aircraft transportation — Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.37.08 AM

Screenshot from Uber’s 97-page PDF.

How soon could this become reality?

It sounds like this is at least a decade out, but the possibility of seeing it in our lifetime is exciting.

I’ll spend the next few years reading through this PDF, but in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts on Uber trying to make The Jetsons a reality.

7 Huatulco, Mexico tips you’d probably find in a guidebook if one existed

The trio finished their traditional number on the walkway in front of the outdoor tables of Restaurant Mercader, then two of them stepped back, one putting down his instrument to fire up a jukebox, and one stepping forward to begin a dance.

The sheer sass channeled into that dance was surprising.

Here are some other surprising things I learned on a recent visit to Huatulco:

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Turns out the best craft beers in the world are hecho en Mexico

That headline is opinion-based obviously, and I definitely haven’t tried craft beer from everywhere in the world.

But two brothers opened a gastropub in Huatulco, Mexico with a masterfully curated collection of craft brews from across Mexico, and it’s there that I recently experienced several of the best craft beers I’ve ever had.

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Hotel review: Holiday Inn Huatulco in Oaxaca, Mexico

Two-year-old Holiday Inn Huatulco sits right on the beautiful marina of Santa Cruz Huatulco, where fishing, tour and taxi boats come and go all day.


As the only major chain hotel option on the water in Huatulco, I figured a review could be helpful to potential visitors.

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Frontier pilots are ticked, did first picketing in Frontier history today

They were all off-duty, luckily for passengers, but more than 250 Frontier pilots picketed Frontier’s HQ in Denver today.


The pilots saved Frontier from the brink of bankruptcy in 2011, by giving up $55 million in wages.

Thing is, Frontier promised to pay it back once they got profitable again.

Frontier is apparently now profitable, but hasn’t budged in talks to start giving that money back to pilots. Continue reading

Poll: In-app Uber tipping — for or against?

I mean, it makes sense.

If you don’t want to pay more than the minimum required for your Uber ride, you probably don’t want a visible option to tip, in the app, souring your good conscience.

Quit driving for Uber if you’re not happy with the pay,” is what the large opposition to the tip option says.

But it’s painfully obvious that Uber, and the author of this post in The Economist, have never given an Uber ride, or even been in the Uber driver’s seat in life.

Life isn’t roses and red carpet for most people.

There are several benefits to adding an in-app tip option:

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Hotel review: Holiday Inn Express Mexico Aeropuerto

When the nice lady at the front desk asked me how my stay was, I didn’t have the heart to admit that I’d slept terribly both stays at this hotel in the past week.

It might’ve just been jetlag or coffee to blame for all I knew.

The hotel is only nine months old, and its sparse, modern decor is cool, but it almost feels like the builders stopped before putting on the finishing touches.


Here are some pros and cons:

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Review: Country boy walks into his first business class flight — Aeromexico SF to Huatulco, Mexico

The business class fliers were already nestled into their seats as I started down the aisle in Mexico City, my rubber Birkenstocks squawking, sunglasses protruding from the breast pocket of my touristy, long-sleeve fishing shirt.

“Get to the back,” their wealthy faces glared as I found Row 3 and ducked in to the window seat.


Terminal 2 in Mexico City.

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