Earn 2x, 3x miles on Frontier flights, plus 1K bonus miles

Frontier is kicking off the holidays with a promo: All flights through Jan. 7, booked now through Nov. 24, are eligible for double the Frontier miles.

Also, any flight on a Tuesday, or on Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day can earn you triple the Frontier miles.

Finally, if you sign up for Frontier’s $50/year Discount Den club while booking, you get an easy 1K additional bonus miles.


Because Frontier’s is one of the few remaining airline loyalty programs that earns you miles based on the distance you fly, you could very cheaply and quickly earn a free flight.


Let’s look at some numbers.

I recently flew from San Francisco to Orlando ($112 RT) on Frontier:


If those miles had been doubled, I’d’ve earned 4,888 miles. Had they been tripled, I’d’ve earned 7,332 miles. This is one-way.

While Frontier miles aren’t the most valuable, any standard domestic reward flight can be had for only 10K miles one-way.


Here is the fine print for promotion:


Is it worth a mileage run? Probably not, but if you live somewhere Frontier flies, I’d definitely keep an eye on their sales. With this promo on a long flight, you could practically be getting BTGO: buy two flights, get one free.

Last week I posted about Frontier’s 75% off sale, where I found a roundtrip SF-Orlando flight for $70.

Update Nov. 3: Today only, use the code SAVE25 for 25% off Frontier flights on Tue, Wed, Thur or Sat.



Does this promo tempt you at all, or do you dislike Frontier like many people? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I post about Frontier quite a bit, so check out my topics page if you want to read more.

Happy holidays!

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