Frontier emerges from blizzard with another 75% off promo

Frontier got torn apart in the news and social media a couple weeks ago when snow and stranded crews caused a deluge of cancellations and mishandled baggage.

Frontier is coming back from its rough Christmas with the return of a crazy promotion they introduced in October: A 75% off promo code.


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Top 5 reasons it pays to be an Uber driver, even if you hardly ever give rides

I rarely drive for Uber or Lyft anymore, mainly due to the falling price of fares making it not very lucrative.

But I’m glad that I’m still an approved driver on both ridesharing platforms, and I keep my accounts active by giving a ride every few months.


Here are the 5 main reasons it pays to be a driver, even if you don’t give rides:

1. Referral bonuses

Uber and Lyft both offer insane driver sign-up bonuses from time to time, in order to keep their driver numbers high and ward off the surge pricing that so angers customers.

I once wrote about a $5K bonus from Lyft.

If you have a driver account, you can refer your friends to drive, and you’ll both get a bonus.

A friend and I once made $600 each, just because he signed up and completed 20 rides.

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Here’s what Uber told its human drivers about its new robot drivers in San Francisco

Uber introduced self-driving cars in Pittsburgh a few months ago, and now they’re in San Francisco as well.

Don’t worry, you’ll still have a human in the driver’s seat.

They just won’t be driving. They’ll be enjoying the sights with you.

Here is the Q&A Uber sent out today:

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