Seriously Frontier? A 75% off sale?

I mean, the headline says it.

Until 11:59p Eastern on October 28, you can use the code SAVE75 to get 75% off Frontier flights from Nov. 1 through Feb. 8.

Thing is, it’s only for Tuesday and Wednesday flights.

If you’ve got a flexible schedule, you could snag an insanely cheap fare, such as this roundtrip San Francisco-Orlando flight for $70:

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Amex Hilton cards offering more points for adding authorizing users; 10K or 5K (targeted)

American Express offered 10K Hilton points a few months ago for adding an authorized user to the no-fee Amex Hilton card.

They must really like authorized users, because they’re trying again, though they are requiring some spending this time.

Here’s the email I received today:

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Photos: Venice, fending off the tides

Venice will soon be lost to rising waters is what some say, if the MOSE Project fails. Or if you’re Donald Trump, it’s just a ploy by China to distract us.

The streets near the transit center are packed with tourists. They thin out as you get lost in the maze of stone and water streets, but fill again if you approach Piazza San Marco, the main square (some Venetians want tourists to disappear).

To work its charm, Venice required nothing of me. Not even a gondola ride. Just that I walk, explore. Get lost, as is the popular advice.


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A new way to earn bonus miles on Airbnb stays

Airbnb is one of those spending categories that has been tough to earn bonus miles and points from in the past.

I posted last week on new ways to earn bonus points on in-store, Amazon and Starbucks spending, but now there’s a new way to earn bonus miles on Airbnb spending.

Once again, it’s United’s MileagePlus X app, which just added Airbnb to its list of merchants.

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