How to keep your Frontier miles alive for 15 years w/o flying a mile: Thanks Again

Preface: This post has two very disappointing updates at the bottom that show how this program is now almost totally useless.

Frontier Airlines requires you to earn miles on your Frontier loyalty account every six months or your miles can expire (I say can because my GF recently went 8 months between Frontier flights without her miles expiring).

Want to keep your Frontier miles alive for 15 years without ever having to fly?

Thanks to travel site Million Mile Secrets, I learned today about an easy way to keep Frontier miles active: a spending rewards site called Thanks Again.

When I signed up for Thanks Again today, I was happy to find 100 points already added to my account.

As I looked around, I noticed two single-question surveys that each earned me 100 points as well.


Within minutes of signing up I had 300 points, which can be transferred 10 points at a time to the following:




Keeping your Frontier miles alive could be as easy as transferring 10 Thanks Again points to your Frontier account every six months.


The points can apparently take a week to convert, so don’t wait until the last minute, but mine took only about 12 hours to show up in my Frontier account.



Frontier has a variety of options on its website for earning miles, but Thanks Again is by far the simplest I’ve found so far.

One thing: Thanks Again points need to be earned at least once per year or they will expire, though your expiration date does get pushed back to Dec. 31 of the year following the current one (ex. If I earn Thanks Again points on 1/1/17, my expiration date will be pushed back to 12/31/18).

Earning Thanks Again points sounds fairly simple.

  1. Register a credit card to your Thanks Again account.
  2. Use that registered credit card at a participating merchant.
  3. Allow up to 6-8 weeks for your points to appear in your account.

According to Million Mile Secrets, you can earn 25 Thanks Again points for every Uber ride you take, no matter the fare.

Additionally, thousands of businesses participate in Thanks Again.

I found over 150 local restaurants within 25 miles of my residence that participate, though it did take me a while to find one I’d heard of — this historic SF bar:


Any other good options for keeping Frontier miles alive?

  1. Fly Frontier. They offer $20 fares frequently.
  2. Use one of Frontier’s credit cards. Not recommended. Here’s my review.

If I had known about Thanks Again sooner, I may not have negligently allowed 7k Southwest Airlines miles to expire as I did this year.

Don’t make the same mistake.

*Update 4.17.2017: I can no longer find the list of local restaurants that participate. I can find a few on the Thanks Again app, but that’s it. Disappointing.

*Update 5.4.2017: More bad news. Thanks Again now has a transfer minimum of 500 points, meaning this program is now almost completely useless.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.07.43 PM

*Update 7.12.2018: I now live in the Portland area, and there are two businesses outside the airport that participate in this program, both earning 7 points/dollar. This means I’d need to spend $72 at a random restaurant in order to earn the 500-point minimum transfer amount that would save my Frontier miles.

If you’re having any luck getting value out of this program, please consider sharing your experience in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by!

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