Ad-free Pandora now live for Uber drivers

Uber announced last month it’d be partnering with Pandora to offer ad-free music streaming to drivers.

Today it launched.

Next time the only sound you hear is the warm air from your driver’s open window blowing in your face, try politely asking if they’ve heard about the new Pandora option.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.29.14 PM

What does this mean for riders?

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Two amazing hacks for hacking travel hackers’ travel hacks

The proliferation of travel bloggers and sites can be great for us. No flight deal, credit card offer, or free Uber ride gets missed if you follow the right travel hacking sites.

What is a hack? A trick or a little-known, yet effective, method of doing something.

What is travel hacking? Basically, it’s using points, miles, flight deals, and credit card sign-ups to make possible travel that would otherwise be nearly impossible without wealth.

Below, I’ll list a few of my favorite travel sites, but first:

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when browsing travel sites:

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Photos from Navajo land

The reservation dogs — rez dogs as they’re called — roam the land here.

Sometimes alone, sometimes in twos, sometimes in packs. They let you feed them, but don’t let you get close enough to pet them. These free spirits know where to get food and where to hunker down in storms.

The land they roam is vast, rough and dramatic, with red canyons and mesas carved by the wind, water and weather of thousands of years.

Here’s a look:

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This airline is offering 2X loyalty miles on flights through Sept. 30

Frontier is a weird airline. They have 50% off sales that require promo codes. Round-trip flights for $30. They charge for carry-on bags. And they are one of the last airlines to still have a miles-based loyalty program (only a few days left of this for American).

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Selfie sticks, rain & gnarly trees at the Grand Canyon

I’m very proud of my parents as they live and work on the Navajo Reservation in northeast Arizona. My dad works with Navajo veterans at the VA clinic at a hospital, and my mom works with elderly Navajo-Americans at a nursing home.

I love visiting them and learning more about the culture and history of the Navajo Nation.

We had the chance to take a quick (4-hour) drive over to the Grand Canyon yesterday.

Shockingly, I didn’t see a single Pokemon Go-consumed tourist. Thank you AT&T for having terrible service there.

I did see selfie sticks galore, a friendly split-tailed squirrel, people from around the world, and the usual unfathomable views of the canyon.

Here are some photos:

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Lyft expands free car rental program to SF; will include electric cars

I posted recently about Lyft’s program that offers drivers in three cities free rental cars when they drive a certain amount of rides per week.

Now San Francisco drivers can get in on an even better version of the offer: Free electric vehicles, which could drastically reduce the gas expenses for drivers. Continue reading