Should I take my first mileage run…on Frontier Airlines??

Frontier Airlines is to any major airline what taking the city bus is to taking an Uber. That’s why I like it.

No frills, just get me to where I’m going for cheap.

I never thought I would ever do a mileage run, but I’m heavily considering making my first run a Frontier flight. I’ll explain why below. Continue reading

These 5 sites find you the cheapest flights

I thought I was a travel failure. I was trying to meet my girlfriend and her friend in NYC from June 17-June 22, and I thought for sure I’d be able to find a non-stop roundtrip ticket from SF-NYC for under $400. They had already booked their tickets from Florida, so the dates weren’t flexible (which is how I usually get great deals on air travel), but I’d been trying for a week with no luck.

I don’t mind long layovers, but I’d like to make at least minimum wage hourly in savings for it to be worth it.

Here are all the tools in my travel toolbox that failed for over a week at finding me a non-stop RT ticket for under $400, before I finally had a breakthrough: Continue reading

How to turn your online shopping into travel

Now that it’s possible to do 100% of your shopping without stepping foot in a store, online shopping is pretty popular.

What many people don’t realize is that they could be using shopping portals to earn way more points for cash back and travel than they could by only using their credit card.

Here’s how:

Continue reading

Why Uber’s stubbornness on in-app tipping will cost them in battle with Lyft

Things are getting awkward between riders and drivers in California and Massachusetts. After a recent court settlement, Uber is now allowing drivers in those states to use signs in their cars to solicit cash tips from passengers.

So when your driver turns around and smiles at the end of your ride, that’s now not always just a friendly goodbye. Though they believe it’s just the opposite, Uber’s message to passengers is clear: Carry cash or risk your rider star rating taking a dip. Continue reading