Car rental booking site AutoSlash warns renters against Payless

This week I reserved a car for an upcoming trip through AutoSlash, my favorite site for finding cheap car rentals.

AutoSlash is great because it finds you the cheapest rental options, then keeps looking for a cheaper price up until your reservation date.

Since Payless was the substantially cheaper option from AutoSlash this time, I chose to reserve with them.


I wasn’t very afraid of AutoSlash’s one-star rating for Payless because I’ve rented from Payless once before, and though the check-in line was the longest I’ve ever waited in, the rest of the experience was standard, and the car was nice.

I’ll definitely study the rental contract closely before signing, as I’ve read horror stories on Yelp about Payless scam attempts.

Since the one-star rating didn’t stop me, AutoSlash went even further to warn me about Payless a few days later:


After reading one of the NY Times articles AutoSlash sent me a link to, I was quite dissuaded. But when it comes to travel, I’m a bit of a risk-taker (see my obsession with Frontier Airlines), so I’m keeping my Payless reservation for now.

Bad idea?

Please share if you have any experience with renting from Payless, or if you have a story about AutoSlash looking out for you.

*Update Nov. 19: AutoSlash found me comparable rate with Thrifty today:


I grabbed the offer from Thrifty immediately, and an AutoSlash rep even emailed me to confirm:


My love for AutoSlash grows by the day. They’re not paying me, I promise. They just rock. Fanboy alert.

Thanks for reading!

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