Here’s the math on my month of Uber Flat Rate rides

Uber brought back its flat rate rides promo last month in some cities, where users could pay a one-time fee for a subscription to a set number of flat rate rides.

I paid $10 for a 20-ride subscription for $2.49 UberPool rides or $4.99 UberX rides within the SF Bay Area.

I only used 15 of my 20 rides and wanted figure out whether this would be worth purchasing again in the future, so I made a quick spreadsheet.

Here’s the math:

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.11.08 PM

The “Saved vs. Normal UberX” column is from Uber’s summary after each ride.

This appears to be approximately the same numbers Uber gave me after my second to last ride:

FullSizeRender 28

Each ride essentially had a $17.51 or $20.01 discount applied to it for Pool or UberX respectively ($20 allotted minus $2.49 price for Pool), so the price of long rides varied wildly depending on surge pricing and Uber’s other enigmatic methods of pricing.

Some ridiculously long rides were still $2.49 on Pool, while other long rides were cheaper for UberX than for Pool:

In the end I saved a little more than $100, though I probably spent a tad bit more on Uber than I would in an average month.

I’d definitely subscribe again.


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