Is Uber’s flat rate promo too good to be true?

Uber rolled out another round of its flat fare package promo this week.

I read a post on it from Dans Deals, and it convinced me to sign up for a package.

What’s the deal?

Basically, Uber is allowing riders in certain cities to buy a package for $10 or $20 that allows them a certain amount of Uber rides at a low, flat rate.

Here’s Uber’s explanation for the package I bought:


So the package I bought will allow me to lock in 20 rides at the prices below:


What cities is it available in?

Boston, Chicago, Denver, LA, Vegas, Miami, NYC, Philly, San Diego, SF Bay Area, Seattle, DC.

Some of those cities have already sold out of the packages, so check Dans Deals to see if yours is still available.

Why is it too good to be true?

Well, I guess it’s not too good to be true, since it is true, but I just don’t see how Uber could sustain this while still compensating its drivers.

Each of my UberPool rides up to $20 will cost me only $2.50, and each UberX ride up to $25 will be only $5.

If I go over the maximum, it will simply charge me the flat fare plus the amount I went over.

In just one ride to the train station, I can practically make back the $10 I spent on the package.

Check it out:


Then I would still have 19 more flat rate rides to use for the month.

Some packages exclude trips to certain airports (no cheap airport rides for me), but even with that exclusion this would be an easy way to get to the train station next to the airport for cheap.

And, they don’t charge the usual $1 fee for requesting two Pool seats instead of one.

What is Uber getting out of it?

Good publicity, plus some of the people who purchase the packages won’t use it.

Kind of like an insurance company, maybe all the people who don’t use their flat fare package will pay for Uber’s money lost on the people who do use it.

But I doubt it, as Uber will have to take a loss on the majority of these rides.

I’ll post again at the end of my 30-day package with my results.

Oh, and try to tip your driver if you have any cash and they do a good job. Even just a buck or two. I’ve been a driver, and they aren’t making much on Pool rides.


2 thoughts on “Is Uber’s flat rate promo too good to be true?

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