Uber’s Local Offers spending portal is finally back

With the revamp of the Uber app late last year, Uber took away its awesome spending portal that allowed you to earn Uber credits when using your linked Visa card for spend at local stores and restaurants.

Well, it’s finally back.

FullSizeRender 52

Screenshot of opt-in prompt within my Uber app today.

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3 easy things Uber can do to make drivers stop quitting

Uber’s driver turnover rate is abysmal.

One study found only 4% of drivers are still driving a year after starting.

Most drivers join for the lucrative sign-up bonuses, then ditch upon realizing how challenging it is to make driving worth their time.

Here are 3 changes Uber could make to keep drivers on the road:

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Forget cars, Uber wants to lead in on-demand air travel

Uber’s 3-day “Elevate” conference in Dallas started today, and they have a bunch of bigwig transportation executives and engineers gathered to discuss: Urban air transportation.

You can live stream the conference here, and here is a 97-page PDF from Uber that attempts to explain the plan for VTOL aircraft transportation — Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.37.08 AM

Screenshot from Uber’s 97-page PDF.

How soon could this become reality?

It sounds like this is at least a decade out, but the possibility of seeing it in our lifetime is exciting.

I’ll spend the next few years reading through this PDF, but in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts on Uber trying to make The Jetsons a reality.

Poll: In-app Uber tipping — for or against?

I mean, it makes sense.

If you don’t want to pay more than the minimum required for your Uber ride, you probably don’t want a visible option to tip, in the app, souring your good conscience.

Quit driving for Uber if you’re not happy with the pay,” is what the large opposition to the tip option says.

But it’s painfully obvious that Uber, and the author of this post in The Economist, have never given an Uber ride, or even been in the Uber driver’s seat in life.

Life isn’t roses and red carpet for most people.

There are several benefits to adding an in-app tip option:

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Here’s the math on my month of Uber Flat Rate rides

Uber brought back its flat rate rides promo last month in some cities, where users could pay a one-time fee for a subscription to a set number of flat rate rides.

I paid $10 for a 20-ride subscription for $2.49 UberPool rides or $4.99 UberX rides within the SF Bay Area.

I only used 15 of my 20 rides and wanted figure out whether this would be worth purchasing again in the future, so I made a quick spreadsheet.

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