Two amazing hacks for hacking travel hackers’ travel hacks

The proliferation of travel bloggers and sites can be great for us. No flight deal, credit card offer, or free Uber ride gets missed if you follow the right travel hacking sites.

What is a hack? A trick or a little-known, yet effective, method of doing something.

What is travel hacking? Basically, it’s using points, miles, flight deals, and credit card sign-ups to make possible travel that would otherwise be nearly impossible without wealth.

Below, I’ll list a few of my favorite travel sites, but first:

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when browsing travel sites:

  • Bloggers make money when you sign up. Through affiliate relationships with credit card companies, referral bonuses and other incentives, bloggers can make money by convincing you to sign up for things using their links. Make sure you do plenty of research and only sign up for credit cards that you feel make sense for your financial situation and goals. Here are a few things I wish I understood better before diving into credit card sign-ups.
  • Bloggers make money when you click on their stuff. Those ads on the sides of webpages that you ignore and accidentally click on? A site might make $20 for every thousand views of an ad on its page. When an ad displays on your page, that’s called an impression. Sites want lots of impressions, so they may use “click bait” headlines, which are headlines that lure you into clicking on a story, even if the story doesn’t necessarily have anything nearly as useful or interesting as the headline suggests. I get lured in and disappointed by click bait all the time. Waste of time. (This story’s headline was meant as a playful ode to click bait. Please forgive it.)

Here are a few of my favorite “travel hacking” sites:

  • I met this guy once. Super nice. He started what is now one of the largest travel sites. They post around 10 new stories a day, and have a guide for almost any “points&miles” process you can think of. Beware: this site makes a ton of money from signing people up for credit cards, so its credit card content should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • This site is another entry point for a lot of people getting into this hobby. They’ve got a pretty comprehensive beginner’s guide to points&miles, and they are also fairly upfront about what they do and don’t receive referral compensation for. As with, the site benefits when you sign up for a credit card. With that said, MMS does a decent job of telling you if there is a better offer out there.
  • This site displays the most recent stories from a bunch of popular travel hacking sites. A few of my faves on this page: Doctor of CreditReddit r/churning, The Frequent Miler
  • *Update: I realized that MilesFeed is basically a better version of PointsBuzz. A bunch of points/miles/travel sites in one spot. I’m switching over!
  • TravelBloggerBuzz. This dude does a travel blog about travel blogs. He links to some of the top travel stories of the day, so it can be a good page to start your browsing from if you can stand heavy sarcasm.
  • For flight deals: The Flight Deal, Airfare Spot

I know I missed some good ones, so I’d love to hear what your favorite sites are. If you happen to be a travel blogger who didn’t make my list, I…this is awkward. Wire me money, I’ll add you to the list.

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