New Skiplagged rewards program earns you credits for booking & sharing travel deals

It’s not looking very rewarding so far, but Skiplagged now has a rewards program.

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5 entry-level travel hacks for smooth flying

After arriving at the airport recently with a few co-workers, we all headed for security, assuming we’d all checked in already.

One of us hadn’t, which made me realize: there are a few simple travel hacks that travel lovers take for granted, but that people who don’t care as much for traveling might not be aware of.


These hacks could make for much calmer sailing when it comes to air travel.

1. Check in to your flight ASAP.

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An app called Roadtrippers just changed the way I explore cities

I don’t work for Roadtrippers.

Nor was I compensated in any way for this post.

I just really like the app.


The app came out in 2012, but I recently discovered it’s useful not only for road-tripping, but also for planning your exploration of a city.

Here’s why it’s awesome.

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Photos: Venice, fending off the tides

Venice will soon be lost to rising waters is what some say, if the MOSE Project fails. Or if you’re Donald Trump, it’s just a ploy by China to distract us.

The streets near the transit center are packed with tourists. They thin out as you get lost in the maze of stone and water streets, but fill again if you approach Piazza San Marco, the main square (some Venetians want tourists to disappear).

To work its charm, Venice required nothing of me. Not even a gondola ride. Just that I walk, explore. Get lost, as is the popular advice.


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