Free Starbucks w/ Lyft…gift card purchase?

Starbucks and Lyft have had a weird little romance for the past year or so.

Both companies have gotten around a bit. Lyft hooked up with GM, Starbucks hooked up with the NY Times. They both hooked up with T-Mobile, though that one ended in a nasty breakup for Starbucks, who was apparently cheating with AT&T.

Enough of the drama.

Here’s the news: Lyft is now selling $20 gift cards that are for sale at only one place: Starbucks. And every gift card comes with a free $5 Starbucks gift card.

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Could new revenue-based Starbucks rewards actually be better?

Any time an airline switches from a loyalty program based on miles flown, to a program based on dollars spent, there is a collective groan among budget travelers. I recently whined about how American Airlines will be the latest airline to make that change starting in August.

When Starbucks made a similar move to a revenue-based program in April, I thought it’d be the end of getting free drinks for me. (Free drinks– may sound petty, but they can be quite lucrative for your taste buds and your wallet.)

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Top 4 affordable Starbucks drinks & a guide to getting the best value out of your free Starbucks

Nothing makes a long layover or wait for a flight better quite like Starbucks. It’s worth more to me than any plastic cup of Cran-Apple or free checked bag. I worked there a few years in high school and college, so I may be brainwashed, biased, and addicted, but few people can deny it’s a great product no matter where in the world you get it.

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