Photos: Venice, fending off the tides

Venice will soon be lost to rising waters is what some say, if the MOSE Project fails. Or if you’re Donald Trump, it’s just a ploy by China to distract us.

The streets near the transit center are packed with tourists. They thin out as you get lost in the maze of stone and water streets, but fill again if you approach Piazza San Marco, the main square (some Venetians want tourists to disappear).

To work its charm, Venice required nothing of me. Not even a gondola ride. Just that I walk, explore. Get lost, as is the popular advice.


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Photos: A rainy Cinque Terre

Local drivers along the steep coastline of Italy’s Cinque Terre honk before going around tight corners.

Since the road is barely wider than a single car in some spots, that honk lets you know not to round that corner.

It was rainy the afternoon we drove through Cinque Terre, a popular region of northwestern Italy that includes a national park and a cluster of towns on a jaw-droppingly beautiful portion of the Italian Riviera. Continue reading