7 Huatulco, Mexico tips you’d probably find in a guidebook if one existed

The trio finished their traditional number on the walkway in front of the outdoor tables of Restaurant Mercader, then two of them stepped back, one putting down his instrument to fire up a jukebox, and one stepping forward to begin a dance.

The sheer sass channeled into that dance was surprising.

Here are some other surprising things I learned on a recent visit to Huatulco:

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Turns out the best craft beers in the world are hecho en Mexico

That headline is opinion-based obviously, and I definitely haven’t tried craft beer from everywhere in the world.

But two brothers opened a gastropub in Huatulco, Mexico with a masterfully curated collection of craft brews from across Mexico, and it’s there that I recently experienced several of the best craft beers I’ve ever had.

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