Lyft is finally paying out that $27M lawsuit settlement to California drivers

Almost two years after agreeing to pay $27M to California Lyft drivers in a class-action lawsuit settlement, and one year after a judge gave final approval of the settlement, Lyft is finally paying up.

I posted about this settlement previously trying to explain how drivers could know what kind of money they might make on the settlement, but basically: the more you drove during the applicable time period, the bigger your share of the settlement could be.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.22.34 PM

Email from settlement administrators sent today.

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Lyft counterstrikes: drivers to earn the same on Line rides as on normal rides

The low-cost carpool rides offered by Uber and Lyft (where riders share their ride with other riders going in the same direction) have always been a horrible deal for drivers.

As a driver doing Line/Pool rides, I always felt I was doing the work of two rides, but earning the pay of one ride.

But Lyft has now announced a game-changer:

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A moral dilemma: how to rate your horrible Uber/Lyft driver

We hopped in the Chevy HHR to a greeting from the driver, a man in his 60s or 70s.

“Would you like some music?” he asked as he pulled away from our place.

“Sure, we like everything,” I offered.

He pulled over to the side, turned on some music, then headed down the road again.

Pulling over to use his phone, very responsible, I thought to myself.

Next he hit the button to start GPSing the route, which turned off the music. Oh well.

He was a heavy talker, which I’m not bothered by. I’ve been a driver, I know how it goes.

As he chatted away, he casually missed our highway exit toward the airport.

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So it turns out that free car rental thing from Lyft is currently a fail in SF

I was super excited a to post about Lyft’s Express Drive program a few months ago, which is supposed to allow drivers who complete a certain number of rides to get a free car rental.

They even had brand new electric cars available at some point.

But I recently attempted to try the program, and learned that it’s sort of scamming some drivers by making them wait multiple unpaid hours for a Hertz rental deal that may also result in lost earnings.

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Top 5 reasons it pays to be an Uber driver, even if you hardly ever give rides

I rarely drive for Uber or Lyft anymore, mainly due to the falling price of fares making it not very lucrative.

But I’m glad that I’m still an approved driver on both ridesharing platforms, and I keep my accounts active by giving a ride every few months.


Here are the 5 main reasons it pays to be a driver, even if you don’t give rides:

1. Referral bonuses

Uber and Lyft both offer insane driver sign-up bonuses from time to time, in order to keep their driver numbers high and ward off the surge pricing that so angers customers.

I once wrote about a $5K bonus from Lyft.

If you have a driver account, you can refer your friends to drive, and you’ll both get a bonus.

A friend and I once made $600 each, just because he signed up and completed 20 rides.

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Uber is finally doing something to shorten wait times at airports

When there are more drivers than ride requests at the airport, Uber makes drivers park in a cell phone waiting lot where they enter a digital queue in order to receive requests.


Problem is, at SFO the waiting lot is about a 10-minute drive away, so passengers usually have to wait at least that long after requesting a ride home. Continue reading

Free Starbucks w/ Lyft…gift card purchase?

Starbucks and Lyft have had a weird little romance for the past year or so.

Both companies have gotten around a bit. Lyft hooked up with GM, Starbucks hooked up with the NY Times. They both hooked up with T-Mobile, though that one ended in a nasty breakup for Starbucks, who was apparently cheating with AT&T.

Enough of the drama.

Here’s the news: Lyft is now selling $20 gift cards that are for sale at only one place: Starbucks. And every gift card comes with a free $5 Starbucks gift card.

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Lyft expands free car rental program to SF; will include electric cars

I posted recently about Lyft’s program that offers drivers in three cities free rental cars when they drive a certain amount of rides per week.

Now San Francisco drivers can get in on an even better version of the offer: Free electric vehicles, which could drastically reduce the gas expenses for drivers. Continue reading