How to earn Alaska Airlines elite status by flying Frontier Airlines

Elite status from Frontier Airlines is pretty weak. I recently earned it.

Basically, you get to select your seat and carry on a bag for free.

It’s great that you can choose any available “Stretch” seat at check-in, but if you’re traveling with someone, you have to shell out up to $75 bucks for them to sit with you in Stretch.

What is great is that Alaska Airlines will match your Frontier Elite status, giving you a chance to try Alaska’s lowest-tier elite status, MVP.

Frontier is one of the cheapest elite statuses to earn, requiring only 20K flown miles. With dirt cheap fares, this could be very easy (if you can stand Frontier).

But first, what is elite status?

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Earn 2x, 3x miles on Frontier flights, plus 1K bonus miles

Frontier is kicking off the holidays with a promo: All flights through Jan. 7, booked now through Nov. 24, are eligible for double the Frontier miles.

Also, any flight on a Tuesday, or on Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day can earn you triple the Frontier miles.

Finally, if you sign up for Frontier’s $50/year Discount Den club while booking, you get an easy 1K additional bonus miles.

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Seriously Frontier? A 75% off sale?

I mean, the headline says it.

Until 11:59p Eastern on October 28, you can use the code SAVE75 to get 75% off Frontier flights from Nov. 1 through Feb. 8.

Thing is, it’s only for Tuesday and Wednesday flights.

If you’ve got a flexible schedule, you could snag an insanely cheap fare, such as this roundtrip San Francisco-Orlando flight for $70:

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Frontier strikes again: Cross America for cheaper than a taxi ride

Frontier Airlines has sales so good, so frequently, it’s almost ridiculous.

Book these new sale flights before the end of August 18, and you’ll get double the (actual) miles on these flights as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.24.45 AM

These $20 flights don’t require you to be a member of Frontier’s “Discount Den” club either.

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This airline is offering 2X loyalty miles on flights through Sept. 30

Frontier is a weird airline. They have 50% off sales that require promo codes. Round-trip flights for $30. They charge for carry-on bags. And they are one of the last airlines to still have a miles-based loyalty program (only a few days left of this for American).

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