The first 15 credit cards to get if you want to travel for free-ish

Now that the benefit of using credit cards has gone mainstream:

This is something I’ve wanted to post for a while, because it’s something I wish I’d seen 15 months ago, upon first realizing credit cards aren’t evil when used responsibly.

Instead I made some stupid choices.

There are tons of “best cards” lists out there, but the confusing thing is that many of the people writing those lists have financial incentives in getting you to sign up for certain credit cards.

A couple of notes:

  • Some of the bonuses listed here are the highest ever for those cards. If you see it higher, move it up your list. If you see it lower, move it down your list.
  • Chase won’t approve you for most of its credit cards if you’ve signed up for 5 or more cards in the last 24 months. That’s why the first 5 cards on this list are from Chase.

Here is the list I would give to my closest friends who want to start traveling for free: Continue reading

Amex Hilton cards offering more points for adding authorizing users; 10K or 5K (targeted)

American Express offered 10K Hilton points a few months ago for adding an authorized user to the no-fee Amex Hilton card.

They must really like authorized users, because they’re trying again, though they are requiring some spending this time.

Here’s the email I received today:

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-42-41-am Continue reading

Chased away from Chase cards? Here are 6 cards they won’t know about

If you’re one of those special people Chase still wants to give a credit card to because you haven’t gotten five or more of them in the past two years, then you & Chase just go to town. See the world together.

Are you a Chase reject or currently Chase-averse like me, due to the 5/24 hysteria?

Here are 6 great cards that Chase will never know about:

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