Great news! Alaska Airlines discount codes now work on Virgin America flights

There are a bunch of things that make Alaska Airlines a uniquely awesome airline.

One of those is the discount codes that you can earn with the Alaska Airlines credit cards from Bank of America.

Each of their credit cards that you have will provide you a single-use companion pass every year, which allows you to bring an additional person with you on a flight for only $99, no matter how much your ticket costs.

If your roundtrip flight is $400, you can bring your travel partner for about $100 more, meaning you’d have two roundtrip tickets for around $500.

Bank of America also sent me an offer a few months ago for a $50 discount code after I spent $250 using my card at specific categories of stores.

In case you missed it, Alaska Airlines acquired another of my favorite airlines last year, Virgin America.

Even though you could book Virgin America flights on Alaska Air’s website, you couldn’t initially use your Alaska Air discount codes on those flights.

Well I was browsing some flights today, and I realized…

Now you can.

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