Lyft counterstrikes: drivers to earn the same on Line rides as on normal rides

The low-cost carpool rides offered by Uber and Lyft (where riders share their ride with other riders going in the same direction) have always been a horrible deal for drivers.

As a driver doing Line/Pool rides, I always felt I was doing the work of two rides, but earning the pay of one ride.

But Lyft has now announced a game-changer:

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Photos: SFO plane spotting from a land fill

There’s this thing people do, called plane spotting, where they nerd out and photograph the planes landing and departing (or parked) at an airport.

While I’ve yet to earn the #avgeek badge (try searching “#avgeek” on Twitter or Instagram, where you’ll find hundreds of posts per day), there’s this park by SFO that I figured would be a cool spot to try it out.


A plane descending above the landfill ridge of Seal Point Park.

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3 easy things Uber can do to make drivers stop quitting

Uber’s driver turnover rate is abysmal.

One study found only 4% of drivers are still driving a year after starting.

Most drivers join for the lucrative sign-up bonuses, then ditch upon realizing how challenging it is to make driving worth their time.

Here are 3 changes Uber could make to keep drivers on the road:

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