Uber launches rider accounts for teens, only highest rated drivers will receive requests

Uber started a few different initiatives today, including adding the option for riders to tip drivers within the app.

Starting today, they’ve also launched teen accounts in three cities: Seattle, Phoenix and Columbus.

Here is some info from Uber:

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.13.42 AM

Drivers won’t know that a request is coming from a teen account, but they will receive an extra $2 per ride, and teen account riders will pay $2 more per ride.

Since Uber specifies these are otherwise standard UberX rides, it doesn’t sound like UberPool will be an option for teen account riders.

It’s not clear how Uber will verify that a rider is 13-17, but it seems plenty of adults would gladly pay $2 more per ride to get assigned highly rated drivers only.

Parents, how do you feel about this new option from Uber?

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