Review: Long Beach Airport, a JetBlue hub

I got a lot of puzzled looks when I told people I was visiting Long Beach.

Thanks to JetBlue I got a weekend flight and a hotel for $80, so why not?

About 20 miles south of LA, it’s not exactly a great option when visiting there, but I enjoyed visiting Long Beach.

The airport is small, with about 80% of its flights operated by JetBlue.

Quick review:

Pros: Local dining options, short security lines, tarmac boarding/disembarking from the front and back of planes.

Cons: Economy Uber/Lyft pick-ups are not allowed, though you can use them to ride to the airport.

Here’s a slideshow:

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3 thoughts on “Review: Long Beach Airport, a JetBlue hub

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  2. You can walk just a little ways off the airport premises (I suggest the cell phone waiting lot) and have UberX and Lyft pick you up there. Uber Select is also an option, but costs a little bit more depending on how far you’re going.


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