I finally pounced on an error fare…but why is it still available?

Last night I booked a flight that’ll be two firsts for me:

  1. An error fare
  2. A business class flight

The flight appears to be about half the price of a normal coach fare for the route.

I got the deal from Secret Flying, who I love for their fare alerts, even though they often steal info from other sites without crediting the source.


So I book the flight, right?

But here we are, next day, and the fare is still available.

So either Aeromexico hasn’t realized the “mistake” yet, or it’s simply not a mistake.

I did some rapid research on Huatulco, and it seems like a cool mix of natural beauty, ancient history and solid beach vibes, without the crowds of the more popular beach cities.

Is there a cartel coup that everyone knows about but me?

I was whining a couple days ago about how I’d never fly in business or first class, so maybe the travel gods heard my cry and gave me an opportunity.

Or maybe it’s not the deal I thought it was.

I was half expecting Aeromexico to cancel the booking upon realizing the mistake, but it’s looking like I’m going to Mexico for the first time after-all.

I guess the main thing is it’s an excuse to travel.

Let me know if you have any experience with these things!

*Update 3.5: More than a week later and the deal is still available.

2 thoughts on “I finally pounced on an error fare…but why is it still available?

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