Hotel review: Holiday Inn Genoa City

There are two final hotel reviews I’ve been wanting to post from my travels in Italy last fall, but first a couple things to know:

  • I’m not reviewing them because they are overly special or luxurious. They’re pretty basic chain hotels.
  • I’m reviewing them because I stayed for free using points, and I was having trouble finding reviews about them when I was booking.

Tomorrow I’ll post about a Hilton Garden Inn in Venice, Italy, but first:

Holiday Inn Genoa City.


Outside of Best Westerns, there are only a couple hotel chain options in Genoa that can be booked for free using points.


Here are the two main chain hotel options in Genoa on AwardMapper.

Genoa is a fascinating, historic port and one of my two favorite cities I’ve visited in northern Italy (Verona being the other fave).

Here is my photo story on my visit to Genoa.

Why stay at the Holiday Inn?

The Holiday Inn Genoa City can be booked for free using 15k IHG points, though you can also stay for as little as 80 Euros if you pay in cash.

If you have Platinum Elite status from the Chase IHG card, there’s a good chance you’ll get upgraded to a suite, as I did.

How’s the proximity to the city?

The hotel is right next to the cruise ship terminal, and a very short walk to the train station, where you can take a ~5-minute ride to Old Town Genoa for a couple Euros.

You can also walk a mile or two along the harbor to get to Old Town.

Nice room?

Very nice.

They automatically upgraded me to an executive suite with an awesome view of the city.


Big bed?

Yeah, very. King I believe?


Are those slippers I see?

Mhm. Disposable, so I kept them as a souvenir.

This is what happens when peasants stay in suites.





Free wawa?

Yeah, sparkling or still, as they’ll ask you at restaurants.


It was nice & clean.

Once again Italy, what’s up with the showers without doors?




Yes, with a nice view.dsc_0076









Anything else to know?

Parking is supposed to cost 12 Euros/day, but they didn’t charge me, maybe because the parking area is a labyrinth to get to.

And when leaving the parking area, there’s a button you have to hit to open a gate to get out. I thought I was trapped for a minute.

Also, there’s no free breakfast here, so you’re forced to grab a delicious, affordable bite at one of the many cafes in town.

Feel free to hit me with any questions!

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