Smart & Final’s gift card deal isn’t as good as it seems

Last night I tweeted about a gift card deal from West Coast grocery story Smart & Final.

What’s the deal?


Credit card lovers get excited about deals like this because you can earn points or meet a minimum spend requirement by buying gift cards with your credit card, while also:

  1. Making back most of the value of the gift card by selling itĀ online.
  2. In this case using the $10 voucher for groceries you would have purchased anyway.

But some bad news:

Some stores only allow you to purchase gift cards with cash or a debit card, which removes any benefits of using a credit card.

This issue is something Doctor of Credit has mentioned in the past.

This is the case at my local Smart & Final location:


While it’s still a decent deal, it’s not nearly as good as I thought without the option to pay with a credit card.

Here are the eligible gift cards and fine print:


I’m not sure if the cash-only policy is for all Smart & Final locations or just some.

If you have better luck at your store, let me know!

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