Best lounge option at SEA? Depends on what you want

Now that the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card has successfully swept much of America off her feet, there are a ton more Americans with access to the Priority Pass airport lounge network that the Reserve offers for free.

Some airports don’t have any Priority Pass lounges (Denver, Philly, Pittsburgh, San Diego), while some have several to choose from.

One of the reasons I love Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is that it offers easy access to four different Priority Pass lounges.

Which should you choose?

There are two Alaska Airlines lounges and two Club lounges.

I tried out one of each.

Choose the Alaska lounges if you want:

An awesome breakfast.

Options: Fruit, yogurt, bagels, pancakes, muffins, scones, espresso, coffee, juice, eggs.

I had a delicious toasted Jalapeno cheddar bagel, an iced white mocha, and a few muffins. Very healthy.


Bad photo, good bagel.

Here’s my recipe for an Alaska iced white mocha:

Add half pump white mocha (& optional half pump of peppermint) to a cup. Select and add double shot of espresso from the machine. Swirl the espresso around in the cup to mix with the white mocha. Add dollop or more of half&half. Top with ice.

The second floor of the Alaska lounge next to gate D1 has a down-to-earth bar with complimentary liquor and this delicious complimentary beer on tap:


As a note, the bartenders wouldn’t allow me to tip them at this lounge, so I guess Alaska is pretty adamant that it’s a cash-free zone.


Here’s the downside of the Alaska lounge: It gets packed. Also, on my second visit, this time in the evening, the dinner options were lackluster. Basically just mediocre soup and some dinner rolls.


If you want a quieter, more chill experience, walk across the airport to one of the Club lounges.




This lounge, while a bit smaller, was much quieter and less crowded than the Alaska lounge.





While the breakfast options weren’t as good as Alaska’s, they did have Milano cookies:


The employees at both lounges were extremely friendly, so it’s hard to go wrong in Seattle.

For a peek at what I did in Seattle, check out the Easy Journeys YouTube channel here.

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