An app called Roadtrippers just changed the way I explore cities

I don’t work for Roadtrippers.

Nor was I compensated in any way for this post.

I just really like the app.


The app came out in 2012, but I recently discovered it’s useful not only for road-tripping, but also for planning your exploration of a city.

Here’s why it’s awesome.

  • You can plan out your trip, and check things off as you complete them.
  • A map of your trip shows you stuff nearby that you added to your list:


  • The app organizes your added destinations based on proximity, and it’s easy to check things off as you visit:

Uncheck locations you’ve visited, and they no longer appear on your route.

  • The app provides info and reviews on each location, and makes it easy to request directions or an Uber ride through Google:
  • Search specific things or browse stuff that’s nearby and add it to your trip:


  • Don’t feel like planning your trip? The app has pre-made trips you can use:


In a foreign country?

Your trips can even be downloaded and accessed without cell service, though features like navigation won’t be accessible.

In the past I would make lists of things I wanted to do, eat or see in a city, based on my research, but I never figured out a good way to organize my trip.

I finally found that in Roadtrippers.

fullsizerender-10Do you have a similar app that works for you?

If you’d like to check out my first trip with Roadtrippers, I posted a couple videos on my YouTube channel.

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