Here are 4 reasons Seattle’s airport just became my favorite

Seattle was at the top of my American bucket list, and I finally got a chance to visit it this week.


One thing I didn’t expect to fall in love with?

The airport.

Here are four reasons Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is my new fave:

1. Access to the city.

Most big cities have train access to the airport, but Seattle has one of the best combos of ease and affordability I’ve ever experienced.


Check out the fare chart from the end of the Link train route at the University of Washington:


You can get from the airport to the heart of downtown for under $3.


That same ride with Uber would be $25-$35:


Compare that to San Francisco’s BART rail system, which charges $8 or more to go a much shorter distance to the airport.


At that price UberPool would likely be just as cheap, if not cheaper, for a couple of travelers.

2. Terminals are connected.

This may sound dumb, but I hate when airports require you to leave security and go back through security just to get to another terminal for lounge access or a particular coffee shop or restaurant.

At SEA, you can walk from one end of the airport to the other, as I did, without dealing with security again.

Here’s the airport map:


Why did I walk from one end of the airport to the other? To get to a lounge…

3. Lounge-lovers paradise.

Some airports don’t have any lounges (Denver, Philly, San Diego, & more) that participate in the Priority Pass membership that several credit cards offer for free.

SEA has four of them, and because the terminals are connected, you can visit as many of them as you want.

What’s a lounge??

Basically a place away from the bustle of the airport where you can get free food, drinks, beer, Wi-Fi and comfy seats.


I’ll post a review later this week of the two lounges at SEA that I got to check out.


Entrance to one of the lounges at SEA.

4. Finally, it’s aesthetics, but the airport is just perty.

There’s this food court/shopping area that has a panoramic view of planes taking off:


Seattle Seahawks fans are so loud, they’re known as the “12th Man”

Then there’s this:


And these:



And here’s a lightning-fast look at the art along one of the moving walkways:

For more videos of my first visit to Seattle, check out the Easy Journeys YouTube page here, and here are 13 photos of the iconic Space Needle.

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