Buy 5k Virgin America miles for $80, get 15 bottles of wine?

If the Points Guy’s valuation of miles is correct, 5k Virgin America miles are worth between $75 and $115.

Virgin America’s wine division emailed me this offer yesterday: Buy 15 bottles of wine for $80, get 5k Virgin America miles.


Officially it’s 12 bottles of wine, but you get 3 bonus bottles of wine with the order.

I’m not a wine guy, but that’s a pretty good deal on miles if you need them.

And due to the recent marriage of Virgin America and Alaska Airlines, starting January 9 you’ll be able to convert your Virgin miles to Alaska miles at a 1.3 to 1 ratio, meaning this little wine promo would net you 6,500 Alaska miles.

Here is the link to the deal.

**Update: Right after I posted this, Virgin America tweeted about the deal, so it must be available to everyone.

Let me know if the deal works for you!

One thought on “Buy 5k Virgin America miles for $80, get 15 bottles of wine?

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