Top 4 affordable Starbucks drinks & a guide to getting the best value out of your free Starbucks

Nothing makes a long layover or wait for a flight better quite like Starbucks. It’s worth more to me than any plastic cup of Cran-Apple or free checked bag. I worked there a few years in high school and college, so I may be brainwashed, biased, and addicted, but few people can deny it’s a great product no matter where in the world you get it.

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Why a new San Francisco rule ended my stint as an Uber/Lyft driver

I don’t know how they found me, but they tracked me down, and they found me.

As the letter from City Hall trembled in my hand, I quietly bid farewell to my time on the front lines with my fellow San Franciscans, as a taxi driver. Or, a rideshare driver rather. And I’m not really a San Franciscan. I’m from Florida. But I live a hang glide down the beach from San Francisco now. The laughter, the tears, the middle fingers(not from or at me necessarily), all came flooding back.

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Barclaycard and JetBlue got me tipsy under the watchful eye of Alcatraz

I showed up to the industrial docks of Fort Mason a bit unsure. This part of Fort Mason looks abandoned but surprised me with refreshing establishments of all sorts. Museums, libraries, art galleries, restaurants, etc., all tucked inside rows of old warehouses on the water. Too bad most were closed by five, and it was now six. Continue reading

5 Steps to finding the cheapest, safest car rental

With the ridesharing revolution of the past few years, many of the travelers who would once have rented a car for trips are now skipping the cost and hassle by simply using Uber or Lyft to get around. This means rental companies have to compete even harder to earn your business and keep up sales–which is good news for deal-seeking folks like myself.

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Why Frontier Airlines is so misunderstood; Plus check out their new non-stop SF-Orlando route

If the topic of this post doesn’t make it apparent, I love budget travel. That’s why I fly Frontier Airlines more than any other airline.

So, I was psyched to get an e-mail from Frontier this morning announcing a new non-stop route from my current home airport in San Francisco to the airport of my birthplace and family in Florida.

The route started in July, and I’ll tell you below the photo why I fly Frontier, and why I’m so enthused about this new route.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.43.36 PM

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Easy Journeys was born today


I’m writing this blog because I love traveling. Making travel dreams come to life isn’t easy for most people.  It’s definitely not for me. I have endless sights I’d like to see, bakeries I’d like to smell, people I’d like to meet, creatures I’d like to discover. There are so many things I don’t know, but I want to share with you any knowledge I gain on my journey.

Travel is a luxury and not the most important thing in a world where people are hungry, but it has taught me things about being a human that I could never learn from a book. So I think it’s valuable. I hope whatever you’re facing, this blog will ease your journey in some way.


The beautiful Kenyan coast in Mombasa