Must-try New Mexico & SF Bay Area cuisine: McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has been trying for years to market itself as fresh and local, but I’ve always passed it off as marketing rubbish.

But two recent McD’s offerings have incorporated local produce and seriously made my mouth water.

First are the garlic fries served at a select few South Bay Area locations, using garlic from Gilroy, a farming town south of San Jose and the garlic capital of the world. The initial test run of serving these fries was wildly popular, so they may show up at hundreds more Bay Area locations soon. I need this.


If you’ve never tried fresh fire-roasted green chile from New Mexico…please add that to your bucket list. New Mexico is incredibly beautiful and has what is probably my favorite cuisine on earth, a delicious mix of Native American, Spanish and Mexican influences. And I can eat their green chile on anything.

It’s not anywhere close to the best New Mexican food, but if you do want a lightning fast taste of New Mexico on a budget, at least you can get a green chile cheeseburger from McD’s locations there. For photos of all things green chile, check out Huff Post’s list of 25 Food Things Only A New Mexican Would Understand.

FullSizeRender (8)

I would love to hear what the best local flavors you’ve seen served at a fast-food spot are, or if you’ve tried either of these offerings. Also comment with your recommendations for where people should actually eat in New Mexico or Gilroy.

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