Why Frontier Airlines is so misunderstood; Plus check out their new non-stop SF-Orlando route

If the topic of this post doesn’t make it apparent, I love budget travel. That’s why I fly Frontier Airlines more than any other airline.

So, I was psyched to get an e-mail from Frontier this morning announcing a new non-stop route from my current home airport in San Francisco to the airport of my birthplace and family in Florida.

The route started in July, and I’ll tell you below the photo why I fly Frontier, and why I’m so enthused about this new route.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.43.36 PM

Let me start by saying, I’m aware that Frontier is one of the most hated and poorly ranked airlines year after year. Travel sites love to mock and belittle Frontier, or are hesitant to even report on amazing deals from the airline. In Fron’s defense, I think the airline is just misunderstood.

Here’s why Frontier is so misunderstood:

Rage-inducing fact #1: You have to pay to not only check a bag, but also to carry on a bag!!!

Solution: Don’t check or carry on a bag. They charge for a carry-on, but allow one free “personal item,” which can include backpacks, handbags, purses, pouches…ziplocs. I always stuff my backpack pretty full, and I’ve never had an issue using it as my free personal item. I’m actually glad they charge for carry-ons, because it makes for overhead bins with plenty of vacancies since most people don’t want to pay for a carry-on.

Rage-inducing fact #2: There are no snacks or drinks!!!

Solution: Bring your own snacks! Buy a grande, whole-milk iced coffee in a venti cup with extra ice and two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce, and bring it on the plane! Soft drinks, juice, and coffee onboard cost money, but they’ll give you all the ice water you want for free. Even if you must have snacks from the airline, I’ve noticed that their prices are reasonable.

Rage-inducing fact #3: The planes are barebones and uncomfortable!!!

Solution: Bring a pillow. I’ll admit the seats are…efficient. But I’ve never found them to be uncomfortable. And they are made from recycled materials. If you concentrate on how much you’re doing to save Mother Earth by flying Frontier, you won’t notice that your bum is .001% less satisfied with its life for a few hours. As far as roominess, I’ve never brought my measuring tape, but I’m tall and have never felt cramped.

Rage-inducing fact #4: You have to pay to select your seat!!!

Solution: Check in right at the 24-hour mark, and you’ll almost definitely get either a window or an aisle seat, as I did every time. Want to sit with someone? Either pay the $6 to pick your seat, or book the flight together, and when you both check in right at the 24-hour mark, I’m about 94% sure you’ll be assigned seats next to each other (as I have).

Rage-inducing fact #5: Frontier employees are mean!!!

Solution: This simply isn’t true. I’ve flown over 20k miles on Frontier this year, and I’ve never had a bad flight attendant or pilot. I will say the phone and digital customer service is poor.

Here is my review of Frontier Elite status.

Why I’m so amped about the new route

This is a direct flight on the most affordable airline between my airport (SFO) and Florida, which hasn’t existed until now. Most of the Frontier flights from SF to Florida required long stops in Denver, sometimes even over-night layovers.

Ever want to do a quick weekend trip to explore a new city? How does a $25 one-way ticket from SF-Chicago sound? How about a $15 flight from SF-Las Vegas? These are a couple of the Frontier fares I’ve snagged, and many Frontier sale fares are cheaper than an Uber ride one city over.

If you live near a Frontier airport, give them another shot next time you need a more affordable flight.

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